Charting and Technical Analysis Fred McAllen

Charting and Technical Analysis Fred McAllen

To understand the direction of the market in both uptrend and downtrend we can use Charting and Technical Analysis Fred McAllen. Charting and technical analysis Fred McAllen use an up or downtrend Moving averages When two moving averages cross up ( golden cross), it is a buy signal. It is a sell signal when they … Read more

Stock Trading Charts Basics

Stock Trading Charts

Stock trading charts are widely available nowadays as free and part of paid-for charting software. Basically, a stock market chart plots the price of underlying instruments like Google’s share over a period of time. The most common type of stock trading charts are line, bar chart OHLC (open, high, low, and close price), and Japanese candlestick. Each bar … Read more

US Stock Market Overview For Beginners

us stock market overview for beginners

US stock market overview is for those who are new to the stock market and want to know about US stock market. In this blog I will explain the basics of US stock market, how to buy or sell a stock and some important facts about US stock market. Introduction Here are some stock trading … Read more